An introduction of Tangshan City

Tangshan city where I live enjoys the reputation of “North Porcelain Capital”. Every September,China’s Porcelain Exposition is held in Tangshan where famous and fine porcelains of China will be displayed. If you come here at this time, you can see delicate porcelains and buy some at a good price. Tangshan Porcelain Exhibition Hall is the largest one with 9,000 porcelains in north China, covering an area of l,000 square meters . Daily porcelains like famous brands of Rose, White Jade , Magnolia denudata and others are popular . Artistic porcelains of iron oxide red goid circles with crystal glaze are quite unique. Here are precious porcelains in memory of the returns of Hong Kong and Macao. After seeing these rare porcelains, you can go to a porcelain factory nearby to take a look at production line and productive technology and get more understanding of porcelain .

The factories in Tangshan produce all kinds of high-grade daily and artistic products. Now they have first-rate technology and equipment and their products are famous for their “thin like a piece of paper , white like jade and sound like a Chime Stone ” inside and outside China.


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