Choosing Dinnerware

Cups, saucers and plates- come in countless different shapes and patterns.  Top quality tableware like bone china can last longer than a lifetime. In order to be certain that we have made the right decision, we need to think about the following points:


1. How will we use our tableware? 

Do we have large family meals or quick, simple ones taken in a hurry?  Do we entertain a lot?  If we do are these formal meals or casual occasions?  Or do we do a mixture of all these things?


2. What about the design? 

Tableware design can be classical or fashionable, sophisticated or romantic, formal or casual.  The design we choose says something about the kind of people we are and must reflect the way we live and also harmonize with other things we have in our homes.


3. What are the differences between bone china stoneware and porcelain? 

Each of these has its own characteristics which we must take into account when making our choice.  Stoneware is hard and strong and has many practical advantages.  Ovenproof, freezer and dishwasher proof, it is tough and flexible.  However it is also thick and heavy and can only be decorated with a limited number of colors.  Porcelain is a fine kind of pottery which is translucent (light will shine through it) and white.  Although delicate to feel, it is durable and strong.  It has many of the equalities of bone china but costs less to buy.  Bone china is the English form of porcelain and the most perfect pottery body.  Pure white, highly translucent and immensely strong, it can be made into the most delicate shapes and be decorated with the wildest rang of colors.


4. Testing for quality. 

First, we should turn a piece over and look for the marker’s name.  Certain world famous names guarantee top quality.  Then, look at the piece.  It should be smooth and clean with no speaks of different colors.  The glaze should be unblemished and without bubbles, pin holes or tiny cracks.  Pick up a cup.  If it is well designed and made it will balance nicely in the hand and stand securely on the saucer.  Look at the handle.  The points where it joins the body are the weakest parts.  Make sure that the join is a good one and without tiny faults.  The lids of teapots and vegetable dishes should not be too loose.



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